Re: Latest Catches 3


Been a while since I caught a shark while fishing there. I suspect they are still about, might get a thresher shark if you are live baiting. The Rays are still around in number. Snapper are okay on lighter gear. Kingfish are still about but I have never targeted them. Earlier this year I caught Sevengillers at both Aussie bay, Grove arm and the Kenepuru, but think they might of moved out with the warmer water. Also saw a thesher in the Kenepuru.

The selection of bait in Havelock is not the best, but the 4square does have excellent prices on their bait. Other then that Hendersons and Hunting and Fishing in Blenheim are your best option.

Baitfish are still common just need to burley them in. During the day a tough bait is required to avoid the spotties from stealing it, Kahwai fillit or a mullet is perfect in that regards.

I would personally fish from one of the points, although snags are a major problem and they do require a short hike. I can give you a few more details if required.