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You say they are a dead weight though, they’re far from it. I didn’t say kingis were easy to land and I wouldn’t know as I’ve never caught one but from reading on another forum I’m certain rays are harder to land than a average size kingi by a long way. I know these rays are only small but they put up a good enough fight I can only imagine what a big one would be like. They can grow well over 200kg. My point is that other than a few species of sharks, rays are one of the only things you can catch from land around here that puts up a decent fight. Catching these “unwanted” species is my thing you don’t have to like it and obviously stingray fishing has never caught on in New Zealand.

[quote:2c5kaq2g]And lastly where have you fished why think catching rays is so fracken awesome!

I don’t quite understand that

Proof that stingray fishing exists, check these monsters out. Not in New Zealand but the same species and one 200kg one washed up at Caroline bay in timaru a few years back so I’m sure they exist. … 329622.jpg