Re: Latest Catches 3


Tried a new spot last night.

Got there around low and the tide was incoming, quite a strong current. There was a decent size rock platform which should be dry at high tide but it was largely covered with a slippery mud. There was is also long rocky beach where surfcasters could be used. Not much in the way of fish life, the occasional conger was feeding in the shallows so were the mullet. Most boats stayed out of casting range and few were about after dark. It is a long slow drive along gravel roads to get there from Havelock and I feel the time is better spent to fish the Kenepuru. Although the access track down was good.

The photo shows one spot where a rock spike can be used, also found 2 or 3 other suitable sites so that should not be a problem. Also found another small wharf, it is a km or so before Shag point. Fairly certain the access down is public, 99% of the wharfs in the sounds can be used by the public, but accessing them can be difficult with the land above the high tide mark being in private ownership,

Here is the wharf.

I know that Sevengillz rates Kaiuma Bay but I have let to find a spot I like over that side. The outer most points of Kaiuma could be worth exploring, apart from along the beach I have no idea how to access them.