Re: Latest Catches 3


the outlook for the rig season is good and a couple of nice fish from the pier above,
I camped over at pigeon bay (banks peninsula) in september, and was launching my inflatable to retrieve a flounder net from an overnight set,
when an old digga (local) pulled up in his tinny with a nice brace of rig on the deck, I commented that these were around early ….he agreed

I have caught rig on longlines in pigeon bay (whole baby squid baits) I think maybe they come in for the crabs in holmes bay…some nice flounder to be had
at pigeon bay too..although sometimes we have to fight the crabs for them lol

I have been out myself twice in the last month (baileys beach) chasing rig…. first time I caught zip, and the conditions were good,
last time out I caught a bag limit with three of them being large specimens… all we need now is for the elephants to come to the party :wink: