Re: Latest Catches 3


6/0 and 8/0 . The 8/0 were just under $0.50 each while the 6/0 were $0.40 each purchase from main stockiest of your rigs in Blenheim (Should be easy enough to figure out the stores name). Know I can get hooks for half that amount online but I plan to use them before mail order could arrive. Was looking at the price for a retail package of Gammys, Owners and Black Magic hooks and they are approaching $2.00 each, buying them in bulk brings the price down to around $1.00 but the local stores do not stock the larger pack sizes in circles.

The 100 or so hooks should easily last me the rest of this summer and the best part of next. Thinking about hooks, I must purchase another bulk pack of 4/0 Owner SSW circle hooks, the ultimate Rig hook fits both prawn and crab perfectly. The only thing wrong is that they are not straight eyed, should import them from the states :idea: .