Re: Latest Catches 3

Fishy Bishy

Great report Mili,
Excellent results though, right on a top spot!
re Youvella hooks comment:
There is absolutely nothing wrong with them so don’t underestimate them.
We just received a report from Brisbane this week and what a result!
65kg Black Marlin on a Piper fly we tied on a 6/0 Youvella, designed for Snapper.
(Check out
I sold Gammies for years and realistically, you have to ask yourselves, “how good does a hook have to be?”
I need not use a Gammy ever again as the Korean made hooks have advanced in technology to be very comparable to Gammies and do all Gammies ever did.
In my considered opinion, Korean hooks are where Japanese hooks were 5 years ago while Japanese hooks do not seem to have advanced at all, not that they needed to, they too are brilliant but have their faults.
They are all man-made products and even Gammies can fail as all man-made items can from time to time, and they have already.
Youvella is an exceptional hook and very good value for money.
(For the record, we are not NZ’s Agents for them, just strong believers in a really good proven product)