Re: Latest Catches 3


Just gotten back from a overnight Snapper fish in Te Mahia Bay, Got there around 6pm and eventually got a couple of lines into the water. Snags were a massive problem, lost 12 hooks.

First Snapper was landed around dusk which was quickly followed by a second slightly larger. Things got a bit quiet with a odd Kahawai to keep me entertained, around high tide another Snapper was landed. Was nearly out of hooks, around half pass midnight I got a strong fighting fish on Kahawai fillet but it busted off. Went to bed shortly afterwards.

Up at 6am to fish the dawn, another strong fighting fish. Fairly certain it would have been a Sevengiller or Snapper because it was shacking the line.Had a few other fish get on and then got off. Quite a pleasant night. Had to head home at 8am because I run out of hooks

The Snapper took pilchard and anchovy baits. The strong fighting fish were both on Kahawai fillets. Also had squid bait but did not have much luck with it, might be because I did not use it much.

Managed to find a few cracks which could hold a rock spike. One was a excellent fit the other two were accurate. Think I might start using Youvella hooks there and treat them as disposable, no point losing Gammys or other expensive hooks.