Re: Latest Catches 3


Thanks for the direction, I think I seen the raised power pole and track before, was going to check it out last time I was down that way but a tourist was parked there so carried on. That point looks decent enough for a fish so might give it a try :)

Should also be a fairly short walk which is always a good thing. I also found the access track for the second point pass Te Mahia bay proper. Is quite a hike and a bit of bush bashing, also requires walking down a baches formed access path for a while. Can not remember any identify features but would be easy enough to figure it out next time I am down that way. Good to have several alternative spots in case one is occupied on arrival. Quite often find cars parked up in the acess to the boatshed spot in broughton bay when I head down that way for a fish.

There is also a access down to the beach just before Ohigaroa bay, it is marked by a large tree. Boat bouys can bust off good fish there and is not fishable over larger then normal high tides. The easiest access for the spiky point on the eastern side of Moetapu bay is down the beach I have found and is nor accessible around high-tide, there is a path but it goes right beside several baches.