Re: Latest Catches 3


Went and fished a point in the Pelerous sounds tonight, parked the car around 6pm then started the tricky walk in. Was halfway to the point when I realised I left the car keys in the passenger door :'(. There was a gentle wind, and a clear sky. Got to the point with time to spare and managed to find suitable locations for the rock spikes. Anchovies was the chosen bait for the day, and the change of light spotties love them, must bring a more durable alternative next time but I was expecting to catch a Kahawai quite quickly for bait but that did not occur. After dark three Snapper were landed, kept two which swallowed my circle hooks, caught a baby stingray.

Fished last half of outgoing tide and around low. Starting to think this tide is more productive then over high. The reason for choosing this tide is so I could access the point and get back again in the dark. Were my first shore based Snapper this Summer :dude: .