Re: Latest Catches 3


Yeah I didn’t really take much down there, just the rods, knife, sabiki and a plastic bag and rag. Was very busy there with a heap of swimmers, a lot more than I thought would be there being a work day. Next time I go there I’ll have to bring a bit of burley, Ive still got one of those burley logs from the wharehouse I got a while ago so will give that a try. There were a couple of guys jumping off the wharf when we got there too, I suppose that didn’t help anything. It would be a fairly awkward place to cast out if you were using a lure for kahawai, unless you were going off the rocks just next to it.

I found an old bait catcher I got a long time ago from the complete angler, the same sort as theyre still selling now on trademe (the green meshed ones). Would those be any good bringing down as well?