Re: Latest Catches 3


Got around to Corsair bay today, caught 1 herring in an hours time so packed up and left. Was very lucky to catch him actually, saw one swim up trying to get the top hook when I first got the line wet and jigging it up but he dived down pretty quick. Just as we were packing up to go I wound in, found the herring on the hook and took him off. Foul hooked just above his eye, so I must have pulled up just at the right time…silly bugger must have been swimming past trying to see what was flashing in the water.

Have never caught herring on anything but the old Bonito Elite sabikis, those multi coloured flasher $4 ones from the wherehouse are garbage when it comes to catching for me.

May have one last day of fishing in me, going to try Kairaki beach tomorrow or a bit further up the mak. Not going for any paticular fish anymore, I just need to catch something bigger than my hand.