Re: Latest Catches 3


Didn’t end up going to black rock and just went to lyttelton instead. Caught some of the usual herring, kahawai, spotties and dogfish. After a few hours of fishing I hooked a ray, had a good solid run and I thought I’d have time to wind in my other rod but by the time I wound it in the ray had run right into the rocks and the hook had pulled. Definitely not mucking around winding in other rods from now on after losing two like that. Few hours later hooked into another ray had a really hard and fast run had me running over the rocks trying to keep up with it as it headed over the other side of the breakwater. Put some pressure on and saw something go flying accross the surface and make a splash and after another 15-20 minutes I got it in close to the rocks to see It was an eagle ray. Spent another 20 minutes trying to get it to the right spot to land it.

Was so surprised, didn’t think they would be this far south and this would be my first one.

Was going to fish again today but was to tired and packed up, probably lucky I did because the southerly would’ve hit anyway.