Re: Latest Catches 3


Just came back from the Pier.

Got there at around 6 and stayed for about 5 hours… Caught nothing but five or six mullet. Tried live-baiting after getting the first one but had no success… Tried using the fresh fillets as well but didn’t catch anything. Mostly the bites I got were crabs but I suspect that at some point there might have been Rig in the area. Just a theory but for maybe 15 or 20 minutes they stopped biting and I don’t remeber any of the asians catching them on their crabcatchers during that time. I guess it’s because there were fish in the area, don’t know. All I had close to crab was shrimp but didn’t catch anything using them either…

Next time I’ll use floats to try and keep my hooks away from crabs, heard only the most agressive ones will actually swim up and get a floating bait.