Re: Latest Catches 3


Spent the week in Kaikoura. Caught a lot of small terakihi, spotties and various other undersize species. First night caught a small conger just on dark, then hooked something massive at about 11pm, came around the south side of the wharf and made a big splash then ran out 100 meters and came out of the water again, was just so powerfull and fast even with my drag as tight as it could go but the stupid swivel pulled out and I lost it. All I saw of it was a big black shadow in the water so don’t really know what it was, but most likely a big seven giller or blue shark. Some other guys there had been putting a lot of burley out half an hour before I caught it which most likely brought it in. There was another guy there who got quite a few legal sized moki and another guy also got a conger.

Over the next few days I fished the wharf again and caught small terakihi, blue cod, wrasse, trumpeter, moki, spotties, kahawai and mullet. Also caught loads of barracouta at night with big schools of them around and saw a lot of activity and jumping out of the water most nights. The squid didn’t seem to be around though with only a few small schools of around 4 or 5. Was good being able to park my car right on the wharf especially the night that it rained. Was nearly asleep in my car one night when I heard the faint sound of one of the bells on my rod, looked out the window and couldn’t see the tip of my small bait rod with sabiki trace on, so opened the door and heard the sound of the drag then saw it being pulled off the wharf, so had to jump to grab it. As soon as I put the pressure on the hooks pulled but was definitely a stingray. That’s a good reason why you should always set your drag no matter what size hooks you’ve got on and I’m sure I would’ve lost my rod if I didn’t.

On thursday I had a float out during the day with a live mullet under it hoping for a barracouta. Not long after I put it out noticed it moving then go under so wound up the slack and after a minute I was surprised to see a good size salmon, I guided it down to the steps but somehow managed to snap my rod once I had it landed and the hook pulled, I quickly grabbed it but had it slip out of my hands and back into the water which was annoying. Around 6pm hooked a stingray which stayed close in to the wharf most of the fight and went right under at one stage, I didn’t know I could bend a Kilwell 222 so much trying to get it out thought it was going to snap. Guided it down to the steps and lucky the tide was up and there was someone around to help me land it.

Just before dark I got another slightly bigger conger.

A while after dark and on dead low tide my drag started going off again just slowly so picked up the rod and put some pressure on and was on to another stingray. This one went out quite far and put up a pretty good fight, didn’t know if I would be able to stop it at one stage but got it in close to the wharf and was lucky again some random people turned up to help me get it to the steps. This one was quite a bit bigger than the last one but being low tide there was no way of getting it onto the steps and after trying to pull it up the hooks pulled. Only got one very bad picture.

Arrived to the wharf friday morning to find caution tape accross the entrance, nothing to say why. Finally went to the beach for a fish, stayed for a few hours, caught nothing so packed up and went home.

Here’s some pictures of the wharf.

At high tide the water is around 30cm or more over the steps which is perfect for landing fish.