Re: Latest Catches 3


I wouldnt call it aweomse , worse than average maybe …..wanted elephants , but moreover wanted large school sharks …..I refer them over rig any day ….the rig were mostly small ones …6-7lbs …fiesty as tho ….2 were about the 12 lb mark .

Could have caught dozens , but who wants to fillet fish late at night when working the day .
No pics ….

You know how it is rd , tying their shit , baiting and casting most of the time ….

Let one guy cast , he did this awesome hop skip and jump thing as he let rip , looped the line around rod tip and PING!

And the other guy , rig was pulling too hard , he couldnt make the reel wind in so tightened the drag right up …PING !

$4.50 a pop for breakout sinkers ….gets expensive taking newbies out lol

Oh , the old man went to Pendarves , sealice city !!! caught dogfish and a few small schoolies ….his highlight was a kahawai