Re: Latest Catches 3


Its still a nice size mullet ….here in CHCH tho its only an average large one …….the kids have caught many many mullet a good 2 inches longer at the Amberly comp …….

I caught one about 5 yrs ago at Spencers park in surf , was winding in flat stick with a smaller size hunk of squid still on the hook ……being out of bait on a spur of the moment trip out saw me using squid eeewwwww……the crabs had reduced it in size a tad so it wasnt as big as it should have been .
It got nailed in the back of the last decent size wave …and I thought it was a kahawai seeing as it hit me on the retrieve but a smaller one

Bugger me if it wasnt a mullet ……about 450 long and weighed bang on 1 1/2 pounds … was it good eating

Never seen one like it since , probably never will either