Re: Latest Catches 3


Just came back from Timaru.

Went to the wharf when we got there on Friday and caught a decent amount of yellow-eyed mullet, includding the biggest I’ve ever caught at 450 grams.

Tried Normaby on Saturday. It was great when we got there but around 15 minutes after our baits were in the water the place became unfishable: The wind was just too strong. We then went back to the port to fish from the rocks. Got busted off by the biggest carpet shark I’ve ever seen. It went to the rocks and stayed there, stuck because of our trace, during the whole morning (we could see it clearly as it was low tide). As soon as high tide came, it left. Caught more carpet sharks and dogfish. I’m suspecting there was some major dogfish or baitfish action going on as we could see bites all the time but they rarely were hook-ups.

Anyway, Timaru is quite a nice place, it seems. Normanby seemed promising, I’ll go back there definitely and will also go back to the rocks to try and catch moki and other fish.