Re: Latest Catches 3


Was thinking of heading down to the Shark beaches myself but went whitebaiting instead and caught nothing. I have a large pile of Flounders in the Freezer which I want to use up and I suspect a Sevengiller might just accept one, .

This evening I decided to go for a Rig fish, arrived at top secret location S at 6:45pm. Threw out a couple of rods baited with crabs and threw my Crab catching into the Sea…. Very very slow… Only caught a handful of Crabs all evening and little action on the surf Rods.

After half a hour or so HLS turned up and fished a bit down the beach from me. He had a bit of luck. Finished fishing around 9:45pm. The tide was incoming (High tide after 10pm) and the sea was fairly choppy with a bit of wind.

Got a secret mission tomorrow in my Kayak :wink: