Re: Latest Catches 3


Took a 90 minute drive to Menzies bay yesterday , walked 30mins around the hill and climbed down an incredibly dangerous bit of cliff to get to a really scedluded spot …..

Next thing we have asians beside us … they found out about that spot I dont know ……

Ya should have seen his setup …burley sack hanging in the wash ….this cool fish holding colapsable net with floats on top on a rope ……all their fish went into that staying alive till they left
Then he drove a metal spike into the rock , and had a wooded crossbar mount on that , on the wood were 5 metal clip things that held his rods paralell to the water ….
Thankfully he only used 3 rods , and his wife 1 …..but he had 5 hooks on each rod

Apparently he’s been fishing the spot for quite some time , and regularly ……..which would explain the lack of fish compared to days of old over there …

So we caught sfa , a few small blue cod and a coutta …beautiful day tho