Re: Latest Catches 3


Howdy all,

Been awhile…I dusted off the rods today and headed down to one of the usual haunts to wet the first bait since the beginning of winter,doesnt look like ive missed much :grin:
Was a beaut day weather wise but a bit quiet on the fish front.
Got to the spot around 7am and got a pair of greyboys then a pair of dirty old reds.They took moki scrap baits then they disappeared and things died down for an hour or two.
I found a couple of lemon soles buried in the freezer too.They must of been in there 12 months :roll: they were promptly added to the bait bin.
After an hour or so of no bites I whipped a pair of sole baits out one was taken about 5 mins after slapping the water.A 2 – 2 1/2 foot sevengill was beached and well…atleast I could say I had caught the smallest sevengill I had ever seen :grin: Another big sole bait lobbed out and about 20mins later a sevengill around the 5 foot mark was at my feet…not big but made a half decent run and gave my old line a well needed stretch.
The skin was getting a bit pink by then so packed it in about mid day.