Re: Latest Catches 3


If you pick a good day , and drop to a single hook with light line , a high rod holder and walk into the water a tad …..then youd be amazed what fish you can catch off the southern beaches on gear most people would never dream of using off a beach ……

As for bait , I head up Dalington way and drop a burley cage off a footbridge ….Ive found the top of the outgoing tide the best ….I head up there because the water stays clear …and I prefer see the fish coming …so I dont get bored too quick …..tho there are a LOT of distractions to keep one ammused lol ….

Ive seen a mullet in town , Oxford trc …..past the middle point of “the strip”

And I caught a full grown kahawai off the Avondale rd bridge many years ago …….and dont doubt they chase the mullet way way further up than that