Re: Latest Catches 3


The eles will go into the river … far up I dont know …..wouldnt suprise me if they went into the lagoon ….along with rig

But we mean from Spencers , right down to the Waimac …….some spots are better than others along there , but they can change over night …

Depending what stage of the tide you fish , and time of day ……theres may not be a need to even get your feet wet …….
I recall a moring a few years ago , wading out thru a channel 3-4 feet deep , onto a sand bar inches deep , bait inside the pocket of the waders ….

Simon turns up , many will know Simon , mad keen white baiter from th south side of the Mac …..he casts into the channel we’d waded thru ….we were catching the odd ele in the open sea …
And Simon was catching his bag limit in the gut behind us …

If you dont have a 4wd , take a push bike ….check the beach at low tide , and return the next day to fish the spots you found ….