Re: Latest Catches 3


Well done MW. Nice to know there are some rig about up here.
Was down in Kaikoura yesterday and today for work. Had a fish last night around in south bay, got a decent red cod just after high tide then nothing for 2 hours.
Went out early this morning to Hapuku, Mate got a nice kahawai on the 6 lb spin set, but nothing else. Tried mullet, prawn, crab and squid. All the baits were quietly stripped off. Suspect some major crab action going on.
Fished off the mouth of the kowhai river this afternoon. again no action on the surf rods but did manage 4 Nice kahawai on the spinner. Was heaps of fun as they would only take if the ticer was 20gm or smaller and only if it was fished almost or on the surface. Big crashing hits!! :grin:

Large flocks of birds working all the way south from kekerengu reckon it would be a cracker down there tonight.