Re: Latest Catches 3


went to wakanui last evening we got a 5kg rig on a paddle crab bait and a big(21kg 160cm) grey boy on the measely bit of squid ever, had just caught a small spikey dog on that bit of bait I put back what I had taken out of its mouth !! I intended going back to the truck for some prawn to put on so I put the line back out so one of my young fullas ( I have three 10 ,10 , 8 yrs that I use as rod holders) could hold it. On my way back to the truck 2 of them started yelling so i grabbed the one that was ripping off line like it was gonna spool me. Alex saw to the rig (good effort I thought) couple of blokes puting out a kontiki down the beach ran up after seeing us hooked up. 8)
video on my youtube page: