Re: Latest Catches 3

Fishy Bishy

Quite right MW, the other factor is the same as in freshwater fishing, fish the change of light and the results will generally be significantly increased. There are many on here that fish the likes of Spencer Park beach and even the “pier” (a place I will never drop a line…) these areas always produce more at night.

I only recall one contest in the club circuit in the evening and then the after contest BBQ was at the preferred feeding time for Rig etc.
The main difference then was that Rig didn’t ask for Tomato sauce on their crabs. :D

Thanks goodness for forums, and anglers who share the knowledge and experience that others may too enjoy their fishing outings.
I once worked with a guy who refused to share his knowledge yet expected to sell tackle to his customers.
The foundation of the retail sales scenario was made from information.
The product sales simply justified the messages and employed those who told them.

There is however a limit to how deep that foundation should be constructed, know what I mean? :wink:

Haha….I just realised reading back, fishforpot referred to a member called…..”muppetman”!!! PRICELESS! :lol: