Re: Latest Catches 3

Fishy Bishy

Hey you can cut that total crap out too, fishforpot.


[b:edccn1vs]The clown you are referring to is definitely no mate of mine, never has been, isn’t now, and NEVER will be.
No idea where you got that fantasy stuck in your tooth.

I don’t know if he even has any “mates”, (ever has done, has now or ever will????)[/b:edccn1vs]
Time to drop back onto topic I think…

In all the years I fished Canterbury before migrating north of the ditch, I have never heard of so many Rig, Ele’s etc caught on other than those affiliated club contest days and even they often produced little.
There are two factors here that I have identified.
More keen blokes are fishing waters like Spencer Park, Kaikoura Coast, Marlborough etc, and the second is…. they are happy to share their knowledge and findings on this and other forums. The latter were not around until recent years.