Re: Latest Catches 3


went out to baileys on firday eveing , low tide was 6.00pm started fishing at 7.30 and finished at 9pm had pipi,herring,squid,crayfish,crabs for bait, 3rods out and not a bite, stayed out there in my caravan and was fishing at 5.30am saturday same baits same rods differnt spot some mates got there at 6.30am and fished next to me and wife, 8 rods in water.i left at 10.30am the others stayed till 2pm and NOT ONE BITE 2 trawlers were in very close that you could see a person on board one of them on saturday morning and 2 trawler were there firday night but a bit further out .. very strong winds not nice fishing, saw one ky on firday night caught by other person..sea clam with chop on saturday cause of winds,,worst lot of fishing for a long time not even a bloody dog fish lol