Re: Latest Catches 3


Started at 7.30 at Kaikoura north …..dogfish city along with 4 skate and a few big red cod ….

The wind blew like a bitch , sand blasting us to death before dying down around 9ish
Double hookups of doggies saw us head bac south to Conway flats …

Soon after getting set up , the wind blew 3 times as bloody hard as it had earlier up north …talk about painful …..could hardly breath , seeing wasnt even an option for a while ….trying to bait up blind folded lol ……

The wind died before swinging southerly , then died and back to a gentle norwest or westerly ….

dogfish were present but in lower numbers ……another approx 10 skate and a few more reds ..

The highlight of the day was a scoolie , 12-13 lbs …it broke the hook but luckily got snaged in the tail by the other hook lol …..

Overall …it was a shit day both weatherwise and fishing …..