Re: Latest Catches 3


Had a bit of fun at Blind RIver tonight…. Sea was reasonably calm and there was no wind. Fished the incoming tide, got there around 7:30pm and packed up around 9:45pm. High tide was approx 10:10pm.

Crab was the main bait because Rig was the target. Quickly landed one before the second rod was in the water. Was followed by a second a short time later. Because I had a non-angler friend with me I decided to cast out a Squid bait to try and increased the range of species.

Got a good sized Dogfish, followed by a small one (First ever on crab, but my friend caught it so I still have not caught a doggie on crabs :P )…

Towards dusk the Big Boys turn up to play, had a good tussle with a moderate size sevengiller. After sunset one of my crab rods went ballistic, I got my friend onto it but he quickly gave the rod to me (Line was being ripped off)…. I fought it for a while but my crimp failed :evil: … Was a good night in all.