Re: Latest Catches 3


Doesnt suprise me the club thing was quiet ……my old man was at Coopers and caught squat …

We had to work hard to keep fresh baits in the sea to get the elephants , 3 actually …the rig had attitude , was only about 12 lb …it spun when I gaffed it , ripping the gaff out of my hand like a 20lb conger would …I hit it again , and it spun and spun , ripping a big hole in the side of its head … about a fiesty bugger ….
Missed a few hits , they just werent in feed mode , might have been business time …. :wink:

We had an advantage tho , rods were in the water by 5.15am …mind you we caught the first fish at 6.30 , 7.30 , 9.30 then 10 am ….

Youd have to ask rdeejay how big his fish was ….I wouldnt want to guess …had no tape measure with me …and Im not sure his scales would have been that accurate , assuming it didnt break them ….