Re: Latest Catches 3


A 2 foot long trace with keeper hook , hook thru the crab body “using half a crab” then bind the trace around the legs till the trace is normal length ….slip keeper hooker thru legs and loops ……..
Old school is copper wire instead of cotton …….

rdeejay , I thought our water was lightly chlorinated , as well as floridated ….

I do only trunk the fish , then rinse them off under fresh water , so dont really touch the flesh with it at all …..still prepared to keep an open mind tho …..

As for the treatment on trawlers , Ive eated the fish they bring in and it doesnt compare with what we would catch , but unfair to compare Id imagine ….plus they wouldnt carry fresh water when they can pump the salt water from the sea ….hopefully not from anywhere near where they pump out the loo lol …….

Fish f@#k in salt water lol …….