Re: Latest Catches 3


I decided to try something a little different tonight and fish the first 2hrs after low tide. Got to the beach around 7pm, only to find I have absolutely no bait elastic (or even bait cotton) anywhere in my car or tackle bag. I have not been able to find a way to keep paddle crabs on the hook without the use of bait elastic or super glue. If there is a way please tell me. So I was struggling to keep bait on my hook (my other baits razor clam and prawn also need to be tied on), then the

next problem…. There was green sea weed everything and is quickly pulled my line down and covered it… I was having to retrieve my line every few minutes to clean the weed of it and then re-bait the hook… but then my other rod would need attention. I struggled on for about a hour, managed to keep bait on the hook for a little while… Caught nothing, and eventually gave up after about a hour.

Going to throw 5 or 6 new packages of bait elastic in my car tonight to guarantee I would find same for my next few trips.