Re: Latest Catches 3


I fished either side of Blue slip in the pass, one time towards Willawa pt I caught a Kahawai another nothing but I believe the tides were outgoing/low both times… Just south of the kekerengu township I landed a personal best Skate, I was hoping for a Moki this time so only had 1 ‘fish bait’ out which got the skate.

Getting a bit further away now but have fished the mouth of the Ure once or twice for no result. Also spent a bit of time fishing the “Slow vehicle Bay” spot. First time I tried it I had landed a good size tope but been rather unproductive since.

Have really only gotten onto the sharks in decent numbers at Sevengillz spot or further south at the Fords. From memory the fords are slightly less rocky so they might be my main destination if the Slip fails to produce.