Re: Latest Catches 3


Just gotten back from a morning fish at the big shark beach…. Got there a bit later (8:00am) because I was hoping to go trout fishing but decided the nor-wester was to strong.

Got to the spot about a hour before high tide, then the chaos started. The winter storms have piled rocks everything at the high tide mark. It was next to impossible to get the beach spike into the sand…. Lost several Rigs and shock-leaders due to the waves wrapping my line around rocks. The main reason being the rod stands were to far up the beach which resulted in the line being to low… Running out of BOS also did not help.

Had a quick tussle with a Shark around high tide, the only real evidence was the abrasion on the rig body… The tide slowly got lower but I continued fishing… One rod showed life which resulted in a large Dogfish. Finally a Rod showed real action and I had a decent fight with a moderate size Sevengiller which I landed. First for this season. Headed for home around 11:30am out of bait.

Salmon was the best bait, also used whole pilchard but had no luck on them. Interestingly there was 10,000 flies buzzing around each baby Salmon I left in the Sun and only a few buzzing around the thawing pilchard. I wonder if Salmon gives of more aroma….