Re: Latest Catches


I have been back down to rangitata 3 times over last 3 weeks,tried hard to get onto a giller but none seem to be around just yet.
my way of getting onto one is i use 20lb main line,40lb shock leader, and a 400lb mono trace with size 10 or 12 hooks.and have always have excellent results when they around to use fresh mullet.
last one i got was the one in the pic was around the 400lb mark and took 45 min ish to land.but they will eat practically anything tho.even had one on brieftly on a herring rod that had small piece of beef on to get some fresh bait.only came back yesterday after spending 3 days there and nothing about but 1 dogfish, 1 grey boy and couple huge crabs.Not even a hit from a rig .