Re: Latest Catches


I can’t remember the last time I caught a spiny dog while using prawn for bait. I do believe they are less likely to take it then fish baits. Do spiny dogs have a habit of swimming back to shore once released for anyone else, I find them a complete pain to get back into the sea. Had to wade out quite deep to release a big one today.

The wind directions often confuses me when heading down that way, now I mainly put my faith in swellmap. Today as I drove past the old meatworks site there was a howling wind and light rain (According to it should of been calm), I was about to head for home but decided to put my faith in the swellmap models and it paid of.

Can it be calm at Seaview but rough at the saltworks or vise versa?

A couple of dolphins also turned up just when I was packing my last rod away.