Re: Latest Catches


Was at seaview last night targeting rig but only caught 4 red cod cod (2 of which were rather large) and a couple of decent spinys all on prawn, had something big take one of my baits but it wouldnt budge just had a tug every now and then and then pulled the hook im picking it was a stingray although there was no line taken so could have been a large skate it was big what ever it was!.
Good to hear theres kahawai down there to be caught now mili.
Usually any wind that is blowing in the wnw, w to sw direction is excellent down at seaview iv managed to get the conditions like that a few times and on a mid summers evening its excellent as the wind howls over the top and out to sea and leaves the beach flat as, although get it more nw to northerly and the wind races down the beach against the bluffs and can be quite horrible it was a little like that last night and wasnt very pleasant but lucky enough was still fishable.

I usually only use single hook ledgers on wire or otherwise i too would probably end up catching two of those pesky sharks at a time and i prefer only one at a time, make that id prefer not to catch them but as yet havent found a bait they dont like yet.