Re: Latest Catches


The wind died down while we were there to become quite plesant, and the pics were taken around high tide, although if you look at the pics of the stormy sky that was the southerly on its way and i left not long after catching the sevengiller, by the time we left the clouds were blackas to the south so im picking the sea roughed right up.
I caught that one on squid, and its stormy conditions like this that i caught my other one a few years back. I was a little hopeful of maybe catching something like this but not that big for this time of year and it gave the best tussel iv had so far on these sharks to the point it had several bursts of life for cook strait and i wasnt able to get it near the beach i had to go to it in the wave zone. Its fish like this that give a good fight that makes us all keep going back to the beach time and time again.