Re: Latest Catches


Just got back from the sounds, I was expecting it to be raining but the conditions were amazing. The main reason I drove out there was to search for something I lost friday night but could not find it. Did not have my kayak which annoyed me.

I took a drive around the QC road and the tourists driving at 30km a hour was a pain. They would of gotten a much better view if the pulled over and stop every so often. Luckily I had my surfcasters and a couple of SP rods with me. I stop at a little DOC campsite in the upper grove arm and fished for a hour or so. I did not have any real bait so used excude softplastics and gulp crabs instead.

Had a few bites, probably from herrings. Caught nothing before driving home via havelock. Never been up the grove arm before.


Nissians are not designed to go off road. They are to heavy and normally get stuck blocking tracks ect…

My hilux surf is fairly standard, I have slightly larger then normal tyres but that it. The good thing about the surf is that I can fit a 9ft fly rod inside it. I have never gotten it stuck, to scared to take it on very rough or soft ground.,