Re: Latest Catches

Jones Jr.

It’s my mate Luke, he also knows steve (Shark_tale) well. He was from CBHS (Chch Boys High). He looks pigeon toed or something in that pic! LOL. He has a kite to put out but we’ve only done it a few times and not got much so far. Next time!

Hey sevengills, yeah. I’ve eaten part of him so far! Was pretty dam good I thought! Although it’s the fist time I’ve gone about the process of filleting them etc and will know better for next time. I.E. you have to cut them up a certain way at the beach to avoid amonia getting into the meat. So yeah…. still tasted good tho.

Went down to the same beach today south of Birdlings but the swell was huge so didn’t attempt to fish. Went to Birdlings where we figured it would be calmer, it was. Went right up next to the cliffs and had a fish, was nice but got nothing. Some other guys got two moki, just using standard ledger (2 ounce sinker, 2 x 1/0 or 2/0 hooks) rigs and tuatua for bait. Managed to get my truck right down there, I wouldn’t attempt it unless you have a heafty 4WD with big tyres! My mate luke followed us and he got stuck where the outlet to lake forsyth would be in his toyota hilux ute. Got him out after a fair bit of digging but meant fishing time was limited a little!