Re: Latest Catches


yeah it was.Id say its no longer suitable for most 2wd’s apart from utes unless ya have some big tires on the arse end.I actually got my car stuck right at the very top as I was just nosing it down but managed to get her back easily enough.Last sunday was the first time ever I have had to park at the top.I would normally drive down and get back up piece of piss in my car but I have 17inch rims with 235’s on them and stock suspension so it sits a little higher and use to have no trouble at all on that hill but now its mainly the top 10metres of that track thats rooted.Theres a big hole that the water obviously bored out so now shes pretty much 4wd unless you want to get bellied out.I will attempt it when it drys out and hopefully keep the ass end from sliding into the hole….I am now paying the price for selling my truck :roll: