Re: Latest Catches 2


Just got back from a few days fishing, fished the pier saturday, conway sunday and kaikoura today. Didn’t catch anything much at the pier so headed to conway saturday afternoon and stayed the night. Sunday turned out really nice and there was hardly any swell. Caught a couple dogfish, a couple skate, and a small seven giller. Only 3 forum members ended showing up at the comp so wasn’t the best but still a very good day. Winning fish was a bigger seven giller. I think PierMaster has some pics to post. Went to Kaikoura after the competition and slept on the beach overnight. Only ended up getting a conger and a big dogfish. PierMasters mate hooked up on a seven giller, nearly spooled him then surfaced and cut the line with it’s tail.

The seven gillers are definitely around now, 3 hooked in two days isn’t bad.

Small Seven giller, taken on rather big peice of dogfish

Conger and one of the biggest dogfish I’ve ever caught, both caught on 10/0 hooks and massive peices of bait