Re: Latest Catches 2


We were a ways past the arials , thats all I can divulge without having to kill you lol …….

Could have caught heaps of rig , but I’m not that overly fussed on eating them , took 1 fish for the olds , and a 2nd one for me and the neighbour ..packed up 1 rod by about 8ish and left the other out with only paua , for the elephants … was untouched when we pulled out at about 11.30ish……not even the crabs had been at it , maybe a testament to the prolific ammounts of rig cruising the murky waters

I was actually a little miffed I hadnt taken my ultralite setup , normally if its calm I will help whoever Ive taken to catch a feed , while for sport Im fishing a tiny reel , flimsy trout rod with 2.6lb line …….

As the morning wore on , the water was slowly clearing , which might have been why the elephants were absent , and the small swell getting lower and lower ….If Id had more than 2 hrs sleep the night before Id have been more than a little tempted to return last night and have some serious fun …..

In the past Ive taken kahawai in the surf south side of the mac , school sharks , rig and elephants in the surf on the light gear ……it adds a little challange going that light
Yet to break the 10/1 ratio though , which is my ultimate goal