Re: Latest Catches 2


4 carpet sharks and a small skate is what I caught in the grove arm last night. I fished between 5:30-9:15pm, high tide was around 9pm. Water was tannin stained, and the sea lice was about in force (never a good sign imo). Used pilchard and razor clams for bait, the razor clams got the most nibbles but the pilchard caught the bigger fish.

Was wet weather during the day back on the plains, but the rain has cleared by the time I left for fishing. Few signs of rain in the sounds itself, little wind once in the QC.

Attempted my first possum road kill on the way home, quite often see them in the headlights but automatically brake and swerve to avoid hitting. But saw one running down the middle of the road, so decided to take it down. Drove over and heard a slight ‘bump’ so thought I got it :P , Reverse back to try and see if it needed to be run over again so it did not suffer… Found it laying on the road so backed over it and heard a large ‘bump’ this time… Back into forward only to see it running off the road into the scrubs… They are tough. Hopefully it would die quickly, and not slowly suffer with a broken bones for a few weeks before passing away.