Re: Latest Catches 2


Popped down to the beach after work for a few hours yesterday, caught some fish. A big spiny two red cod some small tope some bigger tope and a good 8kg tope which put on a good fight and was a matter of tiring it out before i was able to land it. Even the smaller ones (2-4kg) had a lot of fight in them more so than iv had before even had one jumping out of the water trying to throw the hook. So was a good afternoon fishing considering it was just three hours from leaving home and getting back again.
High tide 4.50pm
Fishing time 4.30 – 6pm most the fish caught between 4.40 and 5.30
Strong gale force norwester had been blowing all day, luckily the spot i was at was flat and sheltered so little wind on the beach.
Bait: Red cod – squid/spottie
Spiny – pilchard
Tope – pilcahard/squid/spottie , red cod(8kg specimen)
Heres some pics of yesterdays sojournes,
Heres what greeted me a muddy looking sea the effect of the mud flowing from the awatere river, luckily the water was realitively claen right on the beach.

And heres one of the moderate sized fish that put on a good fight for its size

And heres the 8kg fish, it swirled to the surface as soon as i put pressure on it once it had finished pulling string about 100 metres off the beach, then it came in quite easily intil it reach the breakers and then it took about 10minutes to wear down and eventually allow it to be washed onto the beach and by which time ended up about 200 metres down the beach from my gear.