Re: Latest Catches 2


Went to the Pier this morning for the incoming tide. Caught two big kahawai and a barracouta(was over 1 meter). In total was about 9 kahawai caught by everyone and the day was perfect untill the southerly picked up this afternoon. The barracouta is the first one I know of this season and I was pretty surprised, thought it was a kahawai at first.

I wanted to get some Bait from Southern Bait but couldn’t find it, I was on the street and saw Southern Ice and something else Southern but wasn’t sure were it was exactly so didn’t bother looking around.

Also had my chilly bin and bucket searched by a MAF person when I was loading my stuff into my car. He just randomly came out of nowhere in the car park had a look and walked off out the entrance of the car park, didn’t go out to the pier or anything.