Re: Latest Catches 2


Went for a Snapper fish .

Arrived at the DOC campground in Moetapu bay. I got there shortly after 6pm, three rods into the water. 1 baited with Razor clams, 1 with Pilchard and 1 with squid. This is a nice looking spot, it is possible to fish rods on either side of a small point, or walk out to the point itself. I feel this spot is probably best fished with a couple of boat rocks for off the point and a longer rock or two from the beach. Heaps of casting room.

It does involve a short walk to get there which is a bit of a pain. So its not a place to fish when the weather is bad and you want to sit in the car while waiting for bites. In saying that, if the wind is to cold one side of the little point should be more sheltered then the other.

The fishing was slow, A few nibbles to start with (probably spotties). After dark next to nothing. Last bait out of the water around 9:45pm. Very pleasant evening after dark and the water cleared a bit when the wind died down.