Re: Latest Catches 2


always loved it down at the rangi,great campground,great fishing and also alot of great company always around.
heading down in 2 weeks to finish some work onthe caravan and then try to see if some ring have come in down there yet.the whitebait has been slow down there up till now as ppl only getting half a cup from a days kinda poor on the whitebait front so far .

when the rig are in close down there you can pull in many in such a short time.
2 yrs ago me and bro inlaw pulled in 18 between the 2 of us and put the smaller ones back to live another day.
some were comin in over the 10-14lb mark,nice and big fish but we did do a long session trying to get them since they buggered off for a few hours then returned back around 2:30am.

so if your keen then just give me a yell and we can arrange something .