Re: Latest Catches 2


Those wetsuits are cheap.

Yeah Hori bay does look promising and I agree with you on the landbased kingi potential. would like to try there again in summer.

Bulwer was nice. although with the cod ban it limits it at this time of the year. The blue cod were in the best condition I’ve ever seen. and close in. Real fat and colours on them were real bright green and blue. Put up a good fight too.
We talked to the caretaker that lives there and he said the boys on the salmon farm got a kingi almost every day last year. We asked him about snapper but he doesnt really chase them. Although I reckon they’d be there over summer.
They rent out a cabin that sleeps 6 for $100 per night and theres launching facilities there for smaller boats. A long way to tow a boat though.