Re: Latest Catches 2


Had a good weekend scoping out spots around the sounds for summer.

Went to Hori Bay for a wee fish.. not much happening there but the water was real nice and would like to get there for a spear mission when it warms up a bit. A couple were just getting in the water when we left. There was also a filleted rig carcass on the beach there.

Decided to go see how far we could drive so made it all the way out to Bulwer.. Had a wee fish by the salmon farm. Plague of bluecod, real nice condition but unfortunately within the no take zone.. also seen a big ray and had carpet sharks in cm’s of water. We’d catch a spotty then place a rock on top of it by the waters edge. The buggers would almost beach themselves trying to get the spotty. Also got some dogs. :x

Then we went back over the hill to rocky Creek (what the locals called it?) caught a feed of blue cod and went home.

Ater packing all the spear fishing gear we didnt end up getting in.. Still a bit cold for no wetsuit but a good weekend. :)